ESD Basics Powerpoint

Learn the fundamentals of static and the damage it causes and how to protect your sensitive process from ESD.

Electrostatic Discharge or ESD is a fact of everyday life and it is of particular importance in quality control programs of manufacturing industries.

Since the electronics boom of the 1980s, the awareness of ESD has risen considerably because it has been shown to have an effect on many devices. In fact many manufacturers today consider all components to be static sensitive, not just electronics components that are the most prone to damage.  ESD can dramatically increase costs through equipment downtime, yield loss, process lockup, and an increase in warranty claims.

As a result of the importance ESD prevention, manufacturers spend many thousands dollars each year to ensure their workplaces are protected against the effects of static. Despite the importance, ESD is an obscure subject and prove confusing to most people. So Transforming Technologies created the ESD Basics Presentation as a tool to educate manufacturers about the cause and prevention of ESD. Fill out our form to the right to download your ESD Basics Presentation.