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Ptec™ IN6430 Ionizing Blow Off Gun

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  • EXCELLENT STATIC ELIMINATION: Fast static decay times (1000-100v in 2 seconds at 12″)
  • PRECISION:  It provides superior control and targeted particulate clean up for a wide variety of industrial applications.
  • DESIGN: A single integrated Air/Power cable eliminates bulky high voltage cables and strain relief protects cables from damage. An ergonomic handle and electronic trigger is designed for user comfort.
  • AIR SUPPLY: The IN6430 works with both compressed air or inert gases, including nitrogen.
  • FILTRATION: A 0.01 micron filter (FL0030) is available to ensure your gun is providing clean air to your sensitive processes
  • Flexibility: Multiple output nozzle tips available to change airflow to fit your unique applications.
  • AC TECHNOLOGY: The IN6430 uses PTEC AC technology to produce a balanced output of air ions (+10 volts) with lower maintenance requirements than DC ionizers.
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The PTEC IN6430 ionizing gun is a lightweight but durable static removal gun that provides superior ESD protection and targeted particulate clean up for a wide variety of industrial applications. 

Transforming Technologies’ IN6430 ionizing air gun is a superior static eliminating device that integrates best-in-class AC performance and ergonomic design features into a superior and affordable package. The IN6430 works twofold: as a forceful blow off gun that easily removes particulate from surfaces and as a neutralizer to remove the charges responsible for the attraction of contaminants to product surfaces.

Typical AC ionizing guns require stiff and bulky high voltage (HV) cables to connect the gun to the power supply. The IN6430 integrates the air and HV cables into one, durable, easily to flex cable.

Ptec™ Stability
The IN6430 uses PTEC™, a specialized piezoceramic technology, to create a high-frequency AC ionizing output with exceptional balance and decay performance. We eliminate high voltage cables by locating the power supply in the ionizing gun handle. Our OSHA compliant emitter nozzle protects both the operator and ionizer. Emitter contamination and wear are virtually non-existent with AC ionizing guns.

Performance:IN6430 Ionizing Performance
The In6430 is rated to reduce 1000volts to 100volts in 2 seconds at a distance of 12in from charged surface.  The closer to the charged surface, and the higher the PSI, the faster the decay times.  Different configurations of air pressure and distance can create the best static eliminating performance for your application.

FL0030 Hollow Fiber Micro Filter
The FL0030 micro filter features a hollow fiber membrane that provides excellent filtration and has a long service life. The compact design is easy to install and comes with quick release connections for fast replacement. All materials used are compatible for the most stringent applications.  Learn more about the FL0030 here.

Output Nozzle Tips
Change the airflow from the IN6430 gun to handle unique and difficult point-of-use ionization applications with interchangeable nozzle tips. Wide angle, long range, bendable, luer lock or manifold tips may be substituted depending on the application. Learn more about the Output Nozzle Tips here.

The IN6430 is designed to neutralize electrostatic charges in personal bench top environments, sensitive materials assembly, SMT, Electronics Assembly, Automotive packaging, clean room and laboratory environments.

Verification and Calibration:
The IN6430 ionizer comes factory calibrated and with a calibration certificate.  Ionizer performance can be tested and verified with a charge plate monitor. Important tests to perform are positive and negative decay times and ion balance. It is recommended to test ionizer performance at least 1 per year.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

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