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Transforming Technologies ESD & Static Control products are sold through distribution throughout USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe.  Our distribution partners can be found on our distributor page.
If you are a reseller and are interested in becoming a distributor, you can fill out our interest form.
We offer a variety of ways to purchase ESD products and services. Browse below and choose the best option for you.

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Add items to our Quote Cart or submit a Contact Form.  We will contact you with pricing, and refer you to the best Distributor for you.

Regional Distributor

Would you like service and support of a local company?  Click on our Distributors Page to view of map of distributors in your area.  Give a call or email and ask for a quote!

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Transforming Technologies has regional sales reps throughout US, Canada and Mexico. Schedule an in-person visit or contact for a quote!

Do You Have a Static Problem and Need Advice?

Schedule a meeting with one of our ESD Control Specialist to learn more about how you can eliminate static in your process.

Solutions For Static In Electronics

Transforming Technologies offers a wide range of critically important ESD products for protecting static sensitive electronics. Our products are key tools used by industries to assure an effective static control program.

Why Do You Need To Control Static?

collageStatic electricity might not be at the forefront of your thinking, but if you work with or around electronics it should certainly be on your radar. Excess static electricity, even a tiny charge, can have a dramatic impact on electronics, damaging the components within them and even destroying entire machines in extreme cases. Fortunately, there are many viable options in static control, from apparel to accessories to personal grounding, all of which can play a major role in keeping your electronics safe from harm.

Static electricity can be created in a great many ways, everything from dragging your feet across the floor to running your hands through your hair. If you’ve ever felt a buzz after touching a doorknob or walking through carpet you have experienced static firsthand. However, these experiences do not illustrate just how destructive a force static electricity can be. Static control is essential for many companies, not just those specializing in the repair of electronics but those who utilize electronics in any significant way. To learn whether or not your business could benefit from static control contact us today to schedule an audit and learn more about the potential impact of our products and services. Keep your business safe and your overhead down with innovative static control solutions from Transforming Technologies

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