PGT120.COM With Touch Screen ComputerPGT120.COM With Touch Screen Computer7100-pgt120-test-v18-detail01-thumbnailPGT120COM TC18 Touch ScreenPGT120COM TC18 Touch Screen

Warmbier 7100.PGT120.COM.TC18 Data Terminal With Touch Screen For the PGT120.COM

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Item #: 7100.PGT120.COM.TC18

  • All-In-One: The PGT Testing Kiosk is your central hub for ESD wrist strap, smock and heel grounder testing.
  • Plug and Play “Smart” Tester:  ESD Combo tester that integrates with your computer network to record test results into a database and works with USB accessories such as RFID readers, bar code scanner, keypads, label printers and more
  • Computer: TC 18 Computer is a 10″ touchscreen with integrated MiniPC (DATATerminal), LAN-Port RJ45, 4 x USB2.0-Ports and COM RS232 (DATA Port for PGT120.COM)
  • Integration: Ready to integrate into existing employee verification infrastructure. Existing identity cards or time attendance cards can be used*.
  • Network: Multiple PGT120.COM testing stations together to store information into one database
  • Quick: Measurement data is ready to process after a few seconds, and can be viewed on screen


The PGT Test Station ESD Kiosk Is Your Hub For ESD Grounding Product Testing.

The PGT120 personnel grounding tester takes quick and accurate resistance measurements of ESD grounding products and ensures they are working properly. The TC18 Touch Screen Computer is the hub for your ESD program.

Pair the PGT120.COM tester unit with the 7100.PGT120.COM.TC18 Touch Screen Computer and you receive real-time ESD testing with personnel identification, access control and central data maintenance. Also connect to a number of accessories such as a label printer, bar code scanner, RFID, database server and much more.

PGT120COM TC18 Touch Screen

Touch Screen Computer For ESD Testing

The PGT120 Testing Kiosk comes with a Touch Screen Computer which acts as a testing hub:

  • View real-time test results visually. The actual test value displays on screen
  • Images of a Wrist Strap and of a Left and Right Shoe will Indicate a PASS by changing to Green and a FAIL by changing to Red.
  • Measurements are stored on the computer.  You can easily view the test log with a tap of the “Measurement” button
PGT120.COM With Touch Screen Computer

Touch Screen Computer For ESD Testing

The PGT120.COM tester can be wall mounted or used with a pedestal stand for freestanding operation.  The TC18 Touch Screen Computer can be mounted to a surface using a standard TV/Computer media mount.

Plug and Play Integration

The TC18 Touch Screen Computer can easily integrate a variety of USB accessories:

  • Human Input Devices (HID) for employee identification: Such as RFID Readers, Bar Code Scanners, Key Pads
  • Printer that can produce Test Result Label Badges displaying test result, time and date
  • Signal Lamp:  Visually indicate Passes and Fails
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Test Data Logging

The TC18 Touch Screen Computer is network ready and can integrate into your company computer system via a wire Ethernet connection. Test results are stored and can be viewed on screen or from any computer on the Network via the PGT Web Interface.  The PTG records:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Left Shoe, Right Shoe
  • Wrist Strap/Smock
  • Result
  • Employee ID
  • Temperature and Humidity

The PGT Testing Kiosk is a modular system for recording and processing Personnel Grounding Tester’s test data. A basic system consists of: PGT120.COM and PGT120.COM.TC18 touch screen computer.

The data can be retrieved by a web browser from any computer when connected to a network. Test data can be imported to Time Attendance or Access Control systems via network interface.

Remote PC functions when connected to network:

  • List of measurement data with coloured marking of failed tests
  • Printed test results list
  • WEB-interface for easy configuration
  • German and English support

Features and Specifications

  • Touchscreen 10″ (capacitive)
  • with integrated MiniPC (DATATerminal)
  • LAN-Port RJ45
  • 4 x USB2.0-Ports
  • COM RS232 (DATA Port for PGT120.COM)
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz / DC 12/5A
  • Housing: Aluminium, silver
  • Dimension: 288 x 231 x 58 mm
  • Mounting: Front-panel and VESA 57x75mm / 100x100mm
  • Ready to integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Multiple PGT120.COM stations can be networked
  • Existing identity cards or time attendance cards can be re-used
  • Open database interface
  • Measurement data is ready to process after a few seconds
  • Various databases can be used
  •  Combination with existing access systems is possible
  • Secure network communication

The following data is recorded in ASCII format:

  • Value Footwear in Series: Value in kOhm
  • Value Wrist Strap System: Value in kOhm
  • Value of Left Foot: Value in kOhm
  • Value of Right Foot: Value in kOhm
  • Test OK: OK
  • Test Failed: Error no.

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Data Terminal Touch Screen Computer for the PGT120.COM from Wolfgang Warmbier


Stores ESD Test Data and Allows the Connection of USB Accessories

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