WB2580 Dual Wire Wrist Band & Coil Cord Set – 6ft Coil Cord

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Item #: WB2580

  • “Two-snap” dual wire wrist strap with two 4mm snaps
  • For use with dual wire resistance constant monitors
  • High-quality red fabric adjustable wrist band
  • Packaged with a dual wire coil cord with two 4mm snaps in 6′ lengths


“Two Snap” fabric dual wire wrist strap with two 4mm snaps and 6ft coil cord for use with dual wire constant monitors.

The adjustable WB2580 dual wire fabric wrist strap set features two 180 degree conductive paths around the wrist, providing maximum skin contact. The band is standard with two 4mm male snaps and is used with dual wire resistance based constant monitors. Dual wire wrist straps provide redundancy. When used with dual wire resistance monitors, the WB2580 wrist strap sets continuously verify resistance to ground.

The WB0025 is constructed with a stainless steel back plates, nylon molding and a premium elastic yarn that provides excellent fit for comfort and long life. Adjustable. The CC2080Â’s polyurethane coil insulation and strain relief molding offers excellent coil memory and endurance.

Anti static wrist strap sets are great personal grounding solutions and the WB2580 meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and ESDA Standard 1.1-2006.

Product Series

Part NumberDescription
WB2580Wrist Strap Set, Dual Line Coil Cord, 6, 4mm Maroon Fabric Dual Snap Band
WB2585Wrist Strap Set, Dual Line Coil Cord, 12", 4mm Maroon Fabric Dual Snap Band
CC2080Dual Line Coil Cord, 6'
CC2085Dual Line Coil Cord, 12'
WB0025Dual Wire Wrist Strap, Red/Black, 4mm

Additional information


Dual Wire


Adjustable Fabric Band


Adjustable Maroon Fabric

Snap Size



Stereo Plug – 3.5mm



Cord Length


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