Effective ESD Control Program

Learn about the three elements of an effective ESD control program. The ESD Elements White Paper includes all the information you require to set up an effective ESD program.

In today’s manufacturing environments, the threat from ESD is constant. As electronics become smaller and more sensitive, ESD can affect production yields, product reliability, and profits. The human body can feel ESD at 2,000 volts, but sensitive components can be damaged at as little as 15 to 30 volts (the image to the left shows a magnified example of ESD damage)! This is why ESD has sometimes been called the “invisible threat.” To combat this potential threat, companies involved in electronics manufacturing today follow the industry accepted elements of an ESD Control Program.

Fill out the form on the right to download our Elements of an Effective ESD Control Program guide.  In the guide, we explain the three main parts of an ESD program:

  • An ESD Prevention Program
  • A Training Program
  • An Audit Program