RangerTWO Dual Wire Constant Monitor – Model CM1602

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Item #: CM1602

  • Monitors one dual wire wrist strap and one worksurface
  • Uses resistance based monitoring technology
  • Easy to use and economical
  • Audible and visual alarm indicators


Dependable and accurate dual wire monitor for one person and one work surface.

The Resistance Ranger Series is the most reliable workstation monitoring system available. The extremely sensitive monitors accurately measure the electrical resistance of an ESD wrist band and work surface and signals if the devices fail.

The RangerTWO is an extremely sensitive and reliable ground monitoring instrument. Audible and visible alarms are triggered if the operator’s resistance exceeds 35 megohm. Low resistance of 1.8 megohm also triggers an alarm event. Mat alarm limits are set at 100 meg ohm.


CyclopsTM Operator Presence Check
The Cyclops is an infrared sensor that causes the monitor to alarm when an operator approaches the workstation without connecting their wrist strap. The alarm continues until compliance is achieved.  Part number:  CMREMOTE-IR

 Wrist Strap Parking Station
Provides a jack that will allow an operator to disconnect and leave the dual conductor cord at the workstation without the wrist strap monitoring system alarm sounding. For use with mono plug coil cords. Part number: CP3000

Operator Presence Check

The RangerTWO can be outfitted with the Cyclops Remote Sensor that detects the presence of an operator and alarms if a wrist strap is not connected to prevent ungrounded handling of ESD susceptible items


The  RangerTWO is factory calibrated and does not require annual re-calibration.  It is recommended to verify calibration with the CM2015PV periodic verification meter at least once a year.  Download the RangerTWO calibration statement for your compliance program.

Superior Technology
Resistance based monitoring is the only true wrist strap monitoring technology available. Single wire systems simply detect that a person is wearing a wrist strap and put the monitor into an unalarmed state. Resistance monitors actually measure the resistance of the wrist strap in combination with the person and alarm if the product exceeds preset levels. This accurate measurement ensures reliability.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 3 in

Dual Wire Resistance Monitoring


Monitors 1 Wriststrap and 1 Worksurface

Sensing Current

max 0.1V (100mV)


100-240 VAC, 1A.

Wrist Strap Alarm Limit

Low Resistance: 1.8 megohm
High Resistance: 35 meg ohm

Mat Alarm Limit

100 meg ohm

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