ESD Education

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is as real as it is dangerous to your facility. Understanding the creation of ESD and how it affects your facility is important, and while there are plenty of static audit and training services available you may need additional insights into what is going on with your facility. Perhaps you just need an opportunity to have your questions answered. With the help of ESD education, you’ll have access to everything you might want to know about electrostatic discharge and how to avoid it.


Most business owners have similar questions regarding ESD. A majority of these questions are covered with ESD training, but if you have either not gone through training or have questions you have not had answered yet you should turn to the FAQ. Here, over a dozen of the most common questions are answered in depth, ranging from “what is an EPA protective area” to “what is the difference between antistatic, conductive and static dissipative energy”? You may find the answer you’re looking for without needing to conduct further research (although the more you know about ESD, the better off you and your company will be).

ESD Glossary

While reading up on ESD you’ll likely come across a host of different terms and keywords you just don’t understand. ESD can prove rather technical, and even if you have a strong understanding of most areas associated with the topic you may still have a question or two about different words. The ESD glossary provides you with access to all the different commonly used terms in one location. Here, you can look up terms like decay time, electrostatic discharge sensitive devices, proximity packaging, low charging, surface resistivity and dozens of other keywords. Since you are utilizing a trustworthy site, specializing in ESD and protecting your business and employees, you can rest assured all of the information listed is up to date, accurate and comprehensive.


Looking to further your reading and understanding of ESD? You can find exactly what you’re looking for in the ESD articles section. First, you’ll find the published articles section helpful, with a host of different topics including ESD constant monitors, how EMI from ESD can affect your automation systems, static electricity in cleanrooms and so on. The articles are not just text based. You can also find helpful videos, which provide more visual demonstrations and how-to topics. Some of the video articles you’ll find included on the website include basic troubleshooting for BFS series ionizers, how to learn the basics of electrostatic discharge and control in electronic assembly. Depending on the industry you work in, these different topics are sure to prove helpful to you. With the additional reading and visual information, you can increase your knowledge base on ESD. Should you require additional information on specific topics, you can use the information order form on the screen.

ESD Links

From time to time you may require more specific information not provided on the website. This information may be for a certain topic, product line or anything else more in-depth.

A poorly-timed static charge can devastate your business. Protecting your company and your employees is a must, yet from time to time you’ll have questions and not know where to turn for the answers. Here, you’ll find a wide range of helpful information, all designed to make sure you obtain exactly what you need with trustworthy, up to date information.