HG1360NM Non Marking Heel Grounder

HG1360NM2 – Non-Marking ESD Heel Grounders

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Item #: HG1360NM-2

  • Non-Marking ESD Heel Grounder
  • Made with ESD gray rubber that will not leave marks on floors
  • Stretch Velcro closure straps ensure a solid fit
  • High visibility blue color
  • 1 meg resistor for safety
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Non-marking stretch Velcro heel grounders help keep your controlled environment clean and your personnel grounded.

The HG1360NM2 is constructed from a non-marking and highly dissipative three layer rubber. The reversible 1.5” wide rubber cup, secures both at the back and underneath the heel. Its 7.5” length rubber provides enough cup volume to fit comfortably on those with larger shoe sizes. The 7” stretch hook and loop enclosure ensures a comfort fit.

These heel grounders connect the person wearing them to ground via a proper floor mat or flooring material. Wearing the conductive ribbon inside the shoe or sock assures proper electrical contact with the user. A buried 1 meg ohm resistor is standard. Heel grounders are worn on both feet to provide consistent grounding while in motion.

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Cup Style, Non-Marking



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