IDP-STAT® MT5500 Series: Cleanroom ESD Table Mats

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Item #: MT5500 Series

  • Extremely durable ESD mat that protects your sensitive items as well as your work surface
  • Compatible with  cleanrooms: Ultra-low outgassing, non-VOC, non-blooming and No Particle Generation
  • Made with IDP-STAT Alloy a permanently dissipative elastomer for consistent resistance for the life of the mat
  • Available in 75ft rolls or an assortment of ready-made table mats
  • Transparent – can be used as softwalls to separate work areas in controlled environments such as cleanroom and data centers


Protect your sensitive items with this ultra-clean, particle-free, permanently static dissipative cleanroom ESD matting.

The IDP-STAT 5500 series utilizes a patented inherently static dissipative polymer alloy system to provide clean, permanent ESD protection.  The IDP-STAT 5500 series provides consistent static dissipation that is not dependent on humidity and will last the life of the mat.

The 5500 series ESD control mats are ultra-clean:

  • Non-outgassing, non-blooming
  • Contains no particulates, plasticizers or phthalates
  • Permanently anti-static

With minimal cleaning requirements, the IDP-STAT material is ideal for cleanroom settings.  Engineered with superior durability and see-through clarity, the IDP-STAT 5500 is an ideal material for softwall panels to separate working areas in controlled environments such as cleanrooms and data centers.

Ideal for use in controlled environments such as cleanrooms. Creates an ultra-clean ESD safe work area by grounding for electrical charges as well as protecting the work surface from damage. 






Ready-Made ESD Worksurface Mats

The 5500 series is available in rolls or pre-cut mats that are packaged individually with 10mm snaps and a common point ground cord.

All pre-cut ESD rubber mats come with a grounding hardware: a common point ground cord and 2 grounding snaps.  Our low profile common point ground cord has two banana jacks which provide a ground point for two wrist straps.

Extremely Durable Cleanroom ESD mat kit

The 5500 series mats are ultra-low outgassing, non-blooming and do not produce particles so it will not contaminate products in clean rooms and other sensitive environments making it cleanroom compatible.

The mats are good for harsh process because they are Class 1 fire rated.  They meet BFPA 76 and ASTM E-84 standards.

ESD Protection According to Industry Standards

The procedures follow ANSI/ESD STM7.1 for Flooring and ANSI/ESD S4.1 for Table Tops.  The Resistance-to-Groundable Point test (used for both methods) uses a resistance meter and 5lb weighted probe on the center of the mat and measures resistance from the probe to the button snap.  The requirement is <1×10^9 ohm.  The MT5500 Series mats pass this requirement.

Additional information






Patented Static Dissipative TPU Alloy


Cleanroom Compatible ESD Table Mat.


1MM (0.040mil)


5 x 10^8ohms


2’x4′, 3’x4′, 3’x6′, 4’x5′, 4’x150′

Volume Resistivity


Charge Decay

0.01 Seconds (+5000V to 50V), 0.01 Seconds (-5000V to -50V), 0.1 Seconds (+1000V to 100V)

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