Warmbier PGT120.COM Data Logging ESD Tester

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Item #: 7100.PGT120.COM.US

  • TESTING: Independently test the functioning of ESD footwear & wrist strap grounding products and signals if there is a problem
  • INTELLIGENT: A “Smart” ESD Combo tester that integrates with a computer to record test results into a database
  • DATA TERMINALS: Requires the one of three Data Terminal to record data: DataTerminal2, DataTerminal3 with RFID reader and TC18 Touch Screen Computer.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Can work with many other USB devices such as label printer, RFID reader, card reader, keypad, light signal, bar code scanner and more
  • HANDS-FREE: Automatically test footwear in hands-free mode
  • ACCURATE: Uses a 100volt test circuit (by default) which is the same voltage used for qualification tests.  Adjustable to 30 or 50volts as well.
  • BARRIERS: The PGT120.COM can integrate with a door/barrier system and trigger the barrier to open with a PASS test. Interested in a Turnstile? Learn more about our AccessPRO turnstile system.


A complete data logging ESD test station for ESD heel straps/footwear and wrist straps.

The PGT120.COM ESD grounding tester takes quick and accurate resistance measurements of ESD wrist straps, ESD footwear, heel grounders and smocks and stores test data on a computer. Data logging ESD test information in a computer database eliminates a paper log, where the operators must hand write ESD test information and you must relie on the honor system for compliance. The unit operates with 3 independent measuring circuits which allows the wrist straps and heel grounders be to tested individually and simultaneously. The PGT120.COM can be connected to an automatic door opening system which allows entry with only passing results.

Data Acquisition

Having access to this information digitally is extremely valuable to your quality program. Manipulate the data with the easy to use SQLlite, a open source data base management program that is one of the most widely deployed database engines in the world or export the data to excel.  Learn information like if the technician passed or failed, how often they had to retest, how long your ground products actually last and much more. Our system is perfect for a team of just a few technicians or a large team of up to 50,000 people.  Multiple ESD testers can be installed throughout your facility and test information is logged into one database. The software used to collect and log information requires does not require an annual license fee and can work with up to 32 testers.

A modular system

The PGT120.COM testing system consists of individual components that can be swapped or upgraded at any time which means the system can grow with your company. Not ready for data logging today but would like to in the future?  The PGT120.COM is a fully functioning ESD tester that can be upgraded to data logging at any time. There are several options for Human Input Devices (HIDs) (that allow for employees to input their IDs) and the system works with most USB devices so existing HIDs can be used or changed if your company’s systems change.  A keypad is used to input employee IDs for simple programs, or use bar code scanners, card swipes or RFID readers for more complex programs.  There are multiple accessories such as a light signal, test badge printer, floor mats as well as a Touch Screen Computer. The computer, the TC18, creates a beautiful ESD testing kiosk that is perfect for lobbies or main entrances to show your commitment to quality control and ESD protection. The TC18 has a Linux-base operating system that displays test results, give pass/fail indications and plays company videos.

Hands Free Test Mode
ESD footwear such as heel grounders or ESD shoes can  be measured in a hands free mode which means that the staff members are tested automatically when standing on the plate – No Button Press Needed!

100volt Test Circuit
The PGT120 uses a 100volt test circuit (by default) which is the same voltage used for qualification tests. Using 100 volts allows the PGT120 to test all materials consistently, reduces false failures and ensures comliance to ANSI ESD S.2020. Test voltage is also selectable. DIP switches on the PGT120 can adjust the voltage to either 30V or 50V.

The PGT120.COM is supplied complete with footwear testing electrode, flexible cord, transformer with power cord and calibration protocol. Recommended calibration interval is 24 month Corresponding wall mounting plate, and electrode anti-fatigue mat is sold separately.

USB Connected Accessories

Pair the unit with the PGT120.COM Data Terminal and you receive real-time ESD testing with personnel identification, access control and central data maintenance. Also connect to a number of accessories such as a label printer, bar code scanner, RFID, database server and much more.

  • Ready to integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Multiple PGT120.COM stations can be networked
  • Existing identity cards or time attendance cards can be re-used
  • Open database interface
  • Measurement data is ready to process after a few seconds
  • Various databases can be used
  •  Combination with existing access systems is possible
  • Secure network communication

Product Videos

PGT120 Hands-Free Testing

PGT120 With Turnstile

Data Logging: Data Terminal Options

The PGT120 ESD Tester must be paired with a Data Terminal to log test results. Test data is recorded and accessories are connected to the PGT120.COM tester with a Data Terminal. Three versions of the data terminal is available for your unique application:

Data Terminal2 - Standard Model

The PGT120 Data Terminal 2 is the base system that is ready to integrate into existing HID infra-structure. Systems can be con-nected via USB and an open da-tabase interface is used. Model number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT.

Data Terminal DT3

Data Terminal3 - RFID Model

The PGT120 Data Terminal 3+ is equipped with a built-in RFID Reader for employee identifica-tion. Also includes a display, a relay to open doors/barriers, 4 USB ports. Model number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT3.

PGT120COM TC18 Touch Screen

Data Terminal TC18 - Touch Screen Computer Model

The PGT120 Data Terminal TC18 is a 10” touch screen MiniPC that can display test results as well as store data. Includes 4 USB ports, LAN-Port RJ45 and RS232 ports. The housing is durable aluminum with front panel mounting.  Model number: 7100.PGT120.COM.DT3.

PGT120 ESD Tester Installation Options

The PGT120 ESD Tester can be installed in your facility in several ways:

Wall Mounted

To save valuable space, the PGT120 can be mounted to the wall.  The wall mounting plates is model number: 7100.PGT120.WK.

Pedestal Mounted

The PGT120 can be installed  on a free standing  pedestal. The pedestal stand is part number: 7100.PGT120.SE:

PGT120COM Pedestal Stand

Turnstile Integration

The PGT120 can be integrated into barrier systems such as a door, gate or turnstile. The PGT120 includes a NO/NC switch.  If using the PGT120.COM with a data terminal, the system requires a relay module cable: part number 7100.PGT120.TEST.12.  Transforming Technologies offers a turnstile system. called the AccessPRO.
7100.PGT120.TEST.12 - Relay Module

Employee ID Input: Human Input Device (HID) Options

The PGT120 ESD Tester can work with four operator identification methods: RFID reader, barcode scanner, card swipe or keypad.  The system can work with most USB connected HID components so existing company systems may be  used with the tester.  Contact Transforming Technologies to check compatibility with your HID.


Our USB Keypad is the simplest method for employee identification.  Assign a 1-8 digit number to each employee that must be typed in before taking an ESD test.

Part number: 7100.PGT120.TEST11

RFID Reader

Our RFID reader allows users to read and write almost any 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz transponder supporting all major technologies and many ISO standards . The integrated chip card reader is designed for easy integration into various applications. The readers can be programmed with a script language for autonomous execution of even complex commands like login procedures, increment/decrement functions and many more. The reader supports host communication via USB. Part number: 7100.PGT120.XK.V3:

Bar Code Scanner

Our barcode scanner allows handheld and hands-free modes to scan. The dual functionality saves time and keeps everyone moving. The compact design allows the barcode scanner to fit in the most space constrained areas. There is audible and visual confirmation of successful scans which is convenient for noisy environments. A convenient side trigger allows users to adjust beeper volume on the fly. Omnidirectional scanning is also a component of this barcode scanner which eliminates the need to align bar code and scanner.

Part number: 7100.PGT120.TEST15

Magnetic Card Swipe Reader

Our Magnetic Card Reader is a USB emulation keyboard interface that not need any driver or software,USB simply plug and play. Reads up to 3 tracks of information,can reads ISO7811, AAMVA, CA DMV and most other card data formats.

Part number: 7100.PGT120.TEST17

The PGT 120 is supplied complete with footwear electrode, flexible cord, transformer with power cord.

Periodic Verification Unit
The PGT120 is factory calibrated and comes complete with a NIST traceable certificate. Calibration can be verified with the PGT120.CU. Recommended calibration verification interval is 24-months.(sold separately).

Foot Plate Mat
The footwear testing plate can fit inside an anti-fatigue mat with high visibility yellow borders. Part Number: 7100.PGT120.SM.(sold separately).

Walk Mounting Plate
The wall mounting plate: Part Number 7100.PGT120.WK (sold separately).


Part Number Description: PGT120K200 SERIES - PGT120.COM.US with DT2 DATA LOGGINGUnit of Measure
PGT120K210PGT120.COM.US, footplate, cables, wall mount, data terminal, software, USB hub, keypad, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K220PGT120.COM.US, footplate, cables, test stand, data terminal, software, USB hub, keypad, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K230PGT120.COM.US, Standard turnstile, footplate, cables, data terminal, software, relay, USB hub, keypad, powerstrip , T/H sensorEach
PGT120K240PGT120.COM.US, Fast Pass turnstile, footplate, cables, data terminal, software, relay, USB hub, keypad, powerstrip , T/H sensorEach

Part Number Description: PGT120K300 SERIES - PGT120.COM.US with DT3 DATA LOGGINGUnit of Measure
PGT120K310PGT120.COM.US, footplate, cables, wall mount, DT3, software, USB hub, keypad, T/H sensor, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K320PGT120.COM.US, footplate, cables, test stand, DT3, software, USB hub, keypad, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K330PGT120.COM.US, Standard turnstile, footplate, cables, DT3, software, relay, USB hub, keypad, powerstrip, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K340PGT120.COM.US, Fast Pass turnstile, footplate, cables, DT3, software, relay, USB hub, keypad, powerstrip, T/H sensorEach

Part Number Description: PGT120K400 SERIES - PGT120.COM.US with TC18 DATA LOGGINGUnit of Measure
PGT120K410PGT120.COM.US, footplate, cables, wall mount, TC18, software, USB hub, keypad, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K420PGT120.COM.US, footplate, cables, test stand, TC18, software, USB hub, keypad, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K430PGT120.COM.US, Standard turnstile, footplate, cables, TC18, software, relay, USB hub, keypad, powerstrip, T/H sensorEach
PGT120K440PGT120.COM.US, Fast Pass turnstile, footplate, cables, TC18, software, relay, USB hub, keypad, powerstrip, T/H sensor Each

PGT120 ESD Tester Questionnaire.

The PGT120 is an easy to use and complete test station for ESD shoes and wrist straps. The PGT120 is a fully customizable system that we can build to suit your needs. Please fill out our questionnaire below to begin the process. We will review your answers, design a custom solution for your needs and send you a quote.  If you would prefer to speak by phone, please call 419-841-9552.

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ESD Combo Tester


Tests Wrist Straps, Footwear, and ESD Smocks

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